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Replacement Conservatory Roof in Harrogate

Why a New Roof is Worth the Cost

Are you wondering if a replacement conservatory roof is worth the cost? At TCR Building Solutions, our warm roofs offer homeowners in Harrogate and Yorkshire a range of benefits. From a better appearance to improved energy efficiency, find out why a tiled conservatory roof is a worthwhile investment. As specialists in building bespoke, insulated roofs, our services are ideal for all conservatories and house extensions.

Many homeowners in Yorkshire are choosing to replace their glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof with an insulated tiled roof. This makes the space more usable as well as improving comfort. But there are many ways you can benefit from a new roof.

What’s wrong with your old roof?

If you have a glass or polycarbonate roof on your conservatory, chances are you struggle to make the most of the space. If your conservatory in Harrogate is too cold in winter, too hot in summer and too loud when it rains, your roof is largely to blame.

Traditional roof styles offer poor sound and heat insulation and make the room like a greenhouse in warmer months. Consequently, you can only use your conservatory for a few months in the year.

What is a tiled conservatory roof?

A tiled roof is a modern alternative to glass and polycarbonate. We use lightweight, durable materials that are suitable to put on frames of existing conservatories in Harrogate. We use specialist Tapco, Metrotile and Britmet tiles to create warm roofs that have the appearance of real tiles and slate, but a fraction of the weight. Thanks to their quality and longevity, we also supply these materials for new conservatories and house extensions.

Our replacement conservatory roofs provide much better insulation than traditional glazed or polycarbonate roofs. While the tiles themselves help retain heat, we also use innovative ACTIS HYBRIS insulation to maximise energy efficiency.

Save money in the long term

As well as being cheaper than a whole new conservatory or house extension, a new warm roof saves you money in the long term. Because our tiled conservatory roofs improve energy efficiency, they reduce your heating bills. Consequently, when you compare the cost of heating a traditional conservatory over the years to the cost of a new roof, you’ll see just how worthwhile a replacement roof is.

Furthermore, a tiled roof is more appealing to potential buyers in Harrogate and the surrounding areas. As such, if you’re planning on selling your home, a replacement conservatory roof is a sensible investment.

Improved comfort and function

Like house extensions, conservatories are a great way to add extra space to a home. But if a glass or polycarbonate roof means you can only use your conservatory for a few months in the year, the space is going to waste. Wouldn’t you like a comfortable space that you can use all year round? That’s where a warm roof from TCR Building Solutions comes in.

By keeping your conservatory warm in winter and cool in summer, as well as reducing glare and the noise from rain, our tiled conservatory roofs improve both the function and comfort of your space.

Call us today on 0800 158 3589 or 07494 050916 to discover all the benefits of a replacement conservatory roof in Harrogate and the surrounding areas.

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