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House Extension in York

Are Extensions or Conservatories More Energy Efficient?

However, with a growing concern over the environment and with so many homeowners wanting to reduce their expenses, energy efficiency is now a major factor when choosing a construction project in York and Yorkshire. Our tiled conservatory roofs are the ideal solution for maximising efficiency. TCR Building Solutions constructs new conservatories and extensions with efficient, insulated roofs, as well as offering replacement conservatory roofs to improve the efficiency of your existing space.

With our warm roofs, extensions and conservatories can both be an energy efficient solution. Find out everything you need to know below:

The Difference Between Conservatories & Extensions

While conservatories and house extensions both increase space in your home, they are pretty different. We build traditional extensions with more solid materials, such as brick and breezeblock. Consequently, compared to the glass and uPVC of conservatories, extensions offer a higher level of heat insulation. However, extensions are also more likely to require planning permission and are more disruptive projects.

With the advancement in construction materials, we can now offer insulated tiled conservatory roofs which are light enough for both new and existing conservatories in York. These warm roofs offer an excellent standard of heat retention, making extensions and conservatories more similar than ever in terms of energy efficiency.

Tiled Conservatory Roofs

One aspect of house extensions that makes them better at keeping in heat is their solid roof structure. The roof on your extension will be the same as that on the rest of your home, with insulation and external tiles or slates.

In contrast, traditional conservatories have a glass or polycarbonate roof. If you’ve ever spoken to someone with a conservatory, you’ll know how bad these roof styles are at keeping the space warm, and how expensive it is to heat these conservatories.

However, with our warm roofs, cold and uncomfortable conservatories are a thing of the past. Using innovative insulation and leading-brand lightweight tiles, we build conservatories with a high level of energy efficiency. We even offer replacement conservatory roofs to improve existing conservatories in York.

For more information about our services and the materials we use, please contact us today.

Windows & Doors

Building regulations are different for conservatories and house extensions. Extensions must meet energy efficiency measures and regulations limit the total area of glass to 25% of the extensions floor area. This minimises energy emissions and makes the structure more efficient.

The large amount of glazing on conservatories allows more heat to escape, resulting in higher energy use. While a tiled conservatory roof reduces this heat loss, the large number of windows means conservatories are, in general, less energy efficient than extensions.

If you already have a conservatory in York, we can improve its efficiency with a replacement conservatory roof as well as new windows and doors.

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